So you’ve stumbled upon my Patreon Archive. Welcome!

This is where I archive my NSFW artwork, NSFW comics and all my Patreon exclusive short stories.

I wanted to give my patrons a comfortable way to find the content they funded – in better quality than my posts on social media.

This archive hosts both my public posts as well as exclusive content. It will also host ongoing NSFW comics. Completed NSFW comics will be locked and made available through Gumroad.

Missed content? Check out my Gumroad store to purchase old packs.

Since the content on this site is 18+, I am unable to make it available to the public (as per requirement of my hoster & the German JuSchG laws). A Patreon membership is required to view full images and stories.

Non-patrons are welcome to browse my Twitter feed.

About the Artist

My name is Mue and I’m a trans male artist from Germany, born in 1989.

  • Can’t live without coffee.
  • Hobbies include video games and torturing friends with horny ideas.
  • I own a dog named Nori.
  • In a relationship since 2008.
  • Short and thus closer to hell.
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